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tv   Fox 5 News at Midday  FOX  August 19, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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unpaid time on unconstitutional. that's the decision from a federal judge about furloughs in prince george's county. so what does this mean for those workers? we have the answers. plus a controversial vaccine for hpv and now questions about the safety of gardasil. what you need to know. and hundreds of dollars will be spent per family for school supplies this year. the coupons that could save you big bucks. fox 5 midday news starts now. it was a move to save one local county millions of dollars, but it may have
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backfired. good day and welcome to fox 5 midday news. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm gurvir dhindsa. 6,000 workers furloughed for ten days but a judge has ruled it is unconstitutional and now the county could be forced to pay up. sarah simmons joins us with more on the top story. >> reporter: good morning, guys. this has been a contentious issue, but a judge has ruled that the furlough forced by the county are unconstitutional. the furloughs expected 5900 employees, a majority of them from the public safety and the fire and police department. the judge ruled county violated the contracts agreed upon with the collective bargaining unit by imposing those furloughs. they have fought with the county over this issue. last week the county approved another round of furloughs.
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it's unclear if those will be put on hold. a county spokesperson said it was a difficult decision to save jobs and save the county $17 million. in a stam by spokesperson james keary, he says the court has substituted its judgment without acknowledging the economic challenges acing the country -- facing country. to comply with the court's opinion, they say they will have massive layoffs. now the judge's decision requires both sides to meet within ten days to refund the money, but the county says it will appeal the ruling which will likely hold up the process even further. >> thank you. and by the way, the state of maryland is looking for ways to balance the budget. the governor is working with the board of public works to cut state and long-termal aid -- and local aids. $1.2million in cuts is expected to affect librairies, colleges
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and money for roads. the commonwealth staring at more budget woes. the governor just announced plans to slash $1.5 billion from the cash strapped budget. he's asked for cuts of up to 15%. a list of programs will be released by labor day. this will be the fourth time since december that the governor has had to scale back spending. a large tree branch fell through the roof of the penn southern apartment homes in capitol heights leaving a 6 by 6-foot gaping hole. we're told most of the damage is just to one apartment but two families need a new place to stay. the good news is nobody was hurt. it's a warm one out there this morning. so can we expect more storms. >> and what is the latest on hurricane bill? tucker is here to talk that. >> we're hot and too maniy out
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-- hot and steamy out there. still a very powerful category hurricane with bill and gusts to about 150. it will remain very intense offr to the d west. i'll have more on bill in a s sh ts.tet let's shift to our forecast. there are clouds out to the west and a very ts op icraialr ma tharhso theae eri er is a chance you'll see cattered showers and thunderstorms fire up again later today. much like yesterday. that sunshine is going to help aid in the shower e activity later today. 86 degrees right now. the humidity is 57%. winds out of the east at 3 miles per hour. here is a look at your forecast. and again, a little cooler than yesterday because we'll have more clouds. plenty of clouds out there by afteron. scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms return. high temperature of about 90 degrees. i'll be back in a couple of minutes with more details on forecast. allison, back to you. d.c. police need your help
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in solving a murder mystery. the owner of a pizzeria killed at the pizza mart on fourth and rhode island. the co-owner showed up and could not get inside. after a few hours he called police and the owner's body was found. >> we get a lot of disorderly calls to 4th and rhode island and due to that being a 24 hour store, people tend to cong regulate and we get calls. >> investigators hope the public will help determine who is responsible. to northern virginia where a 23-year-old man is behind bars accused of attacking a woman at a community gym in fairfax. it helped yesterday on tender creek circle. a man grabbed a woman from
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behind and covered her mouth when he started screaming. the woman was able to break free. the man is charged with assault and abduction. a prince william county teacher is accused of inappropriately touching two 15- year-old students. 32-year-old shannon arnold patterson teached at belleville middle school in woodbridge. he's been put on administrative leave without pay. police say the touching did not occur on school grounds and that one of the students also received text messages of a sexual nature. he's being held without bond. weave an update on metro. the transit agency says its trains will operate in manual de indefinitely. those train have been running manually since the deadly red line crash in june. metro says the trains will not switch back to automatic until all of the problems related to the crash are fixed. union ofictions say -- officials sayeththey are workin to make sure the operators have
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sufficient brakes. metro workepe stnt he he night repairing a cracked rail between the bethesda and friendship heights station. crews discovered that yesterday. the cracked rails forced trains to share a track while a temporary fix was put in place. to a developing story now. this is a live look from the department of commerce where commerce secretary gary long, homeland security secretary janet napolitano and cathine sebelius are all teaming up in an effort to fight the swine flu. they are announcing new guidelines to help businesses prepare for the virus. we are screaming -- streaming this conference live on and the big story on the hill is health care. could a bipartisan plan be dead? >> there is word this morning that the president and fellow democrats are prepared to go it alone but this might not be as easy as the white house takes
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shots from the left and right. sharon i'll shively has more from the hill. >> reporter: liberals love it, conservatives hate it and moderates are still making up their minds. now the white house has a big decision to make. >> we're going to pay more taxes because of you, sir. >> reporter: with scenes like it playing out at town halls across the country, and republicans assessing democrats health care plan this way -- >> what they say is in the bill is not there. people will lose their private health insurance and there will be higher taxes and we will cut medicare. >> reporter: even if they decide to go it alone, democrats still have to pick up the votes of moderate and conservative democrats and that's not easy. >> on the bill before the house 3200, i'm a no vote. >> reporter: one way to win over some of the moderates is getting rid of the public insurance option. the white house seemed to
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suggest they were willing to do just that over the weekend in comments by health and human service secretary kathleen sebelius. the administtion spent yesterday backing from her comments. >> this is critical components of health care reform. and i believe, continue to believe, that the public option is the best way to provide that. >> we have a goal of fostering choice and competition in a private health insurance market. the president prefers the public option as a way of doing that. >> reporter: if democrats and republicans do decide they can't come to an agreement, a new battle will begin. both sides are likely to blame the other forgiving up first. fox 5 news. many questions this day over the safety of gardasil. that is the vaccine for cervical cancer.
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many girls between the ages of 9 and 26 received the vaccine. 32 death have been reported. that is one per one million vaccinated. it's unclear if the deaths were linked to the vaccine. for 23 million doses that have been sent out, we received 12424 reports of addver events. the cdc says the reports are classified as serious, including the 32 deaths. fainting topped the liz -- list of deaths and other side affects are dizziness, fainting and injection site reaction. children get ready to head back to school, home schools are going high-tech. how a local company is changing the future of learning into and thrown in the slammer because of role aid that sent a man to jail. one school has omce e up wih
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an even lower grade than an f. we've put that oryton you can check it o >> maybe you can get a h. >> we'll be right back. 
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more violence in iraq a series of explosions in bagdad have killed at least 75 people and injured more than 300. .worst of the attacks happened near the finance ministry. a car bomb exploded shattering windows and ripping concrete slaps off the front of a 10 story building. it is close to the green zone. officials expect the death toll to climb. violence is escalating in afghanistan ahead of the presidential vote tomorrow. officials say three militants were killed in kabul today after a bank was taken over by gunmen. yesterday a car bombing struck a nato convoy killing 7 people
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and just hours before at tack insurgents fired mortars as the presidential palace. now the taliban has vowed to disrupt that vote and there are concerns of violence before a turnout at the polls. the foreign ministry is asking not to report on any attacks tomorrow until the voting ends at 8:00 p.m. the president wants to make going back to school cool. he will appear in back to school tv specials with kelly clarkson and lebron james that will air on september 8th. he will say that education is the key to people living out their dreams. hv1, nickelodeon and m tv will air the special. d.c. public school student have five days before they head back to class. mishle re says schools are ready for their arrive on monday -- for their arrival on monday with staff and books and other materials. in addition to the five required immunizations there are six more this year. she joined us in the studio this morning to talk more about
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that. >> that's a heavy lift for parentsm we need for folks to get out to doctors offices and we have a partnership with the department of health. they are running immunization clinics for us over the course of the next few ays. >> for information on requirements, free clinics and school ready iness, go to we're getting the area ready to go back to class. and tomorrow morning we'll speak with dr. gary wees who is the superintendent of montgomery county schools on fox 5 morning news. going back to school for some means logging on. it's a different approach to traditional home schooling. claudia coffey has more on this growing trendss is about to start for d.c. redent 10-year- old hannah james. however in her school, there is no chalk board, no lecture, no pens or paper, instead her education is just one click away. >> i do science, history, reading, math. >> reporter: nancy james, hannah's mother. >> go ahead and get on a steady
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island. >> reporter: she enrolled her in an online school five years ago because she felt the pressure of traditional school was having an impact on hannah. >> i began to see it was regimented and even in kindergarten they were testing them once a week on adding and so friday was testing day and i would drive her in and i would watch -- she was five and i would watch her face get more drawn. and i just thought i don't think learning happens this way. >> and nancy says she's been thriving. she has an online teacher and the traditional subjects but moves at a pace that works for her. >> it was different. and i learned how to use my computer better and i got a little adjusted to it over the time. but i just got different views on how to learn. >> reporter: hannah is part of a growing community of k-12 students that are getting their
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education in a nontraditional way. >> what does it look like and how does it happen if we can make that happen with online learning. >> reporter: it's now available in 32 states. the international association of k-12 online learning say this is more engaging. >> it's the 21st century and they know there is a whole wealth of resources they can tap into. and when they walk into a school building and shut the door and have to turn everything off, and power down, it's just not relevant any more. >> reporter: one of the leaders in the state of the art education is right in our backyard in reston. k-12 is the largest network of certified teachers and the company developed a web based lesson and materials. for hannah it's been life changing, a lesson she wouldn't soonorget. >> i'm happy with the way i'm doing it do you. >> reporter: claudia coffey, fox 5 news. >> later this monning, tips on how to save on back to school
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online shopping. more than $10,000 has been raised to help trooper. he was discovered in a dumpster in washington severely injured after being involved in an illegal dog fight. the money was raised through friendship dog fors for animals and the humane society. and andrew cuomo is trying to shut down the bening smith group for violations of state and federal law in new york. employees are accused of using abusive language, sexual threats and intimidation and calling consumers, drunks dead beats and low lives pieces of trash to collect. they have talked to people with complaints in four other states. virginia power customers will soon pay more for service. starting in january customers will see the monthly bills increase $3. the reason they are in the process of building two new
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power plants in the state. lpr fox 5 ihes g lpinyou look fowork. today's job of the dasi at unique image beauty salon, looking for hair stylists. and you can beyour own boss and set your own hours. for more go to and click on job shop. this morning fox 5 hosted a job bank and experts offered career counseling and gave tips to job seekers. that phone bank is closed now but we do have helpful information on our website,, just click on the job shop link on the top of the page. if you spent three months in jail for a crime he didn't commit and how role aids put this man behind bars. well he playing and not playing again. keeping up with brett favre. well he's made another decision and we'll tell you about it next. and are you feeling lucky? if so, you're going to want to
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welcome back, everybody, to what's cooking. today we have a guest, elizabeth mer tot from let's dish. and we're going to do a little teaser, but it is the perfect place for me, because the food is prepared and then i can pick it out and go home and make it look like it's all mine. >> it's a super easy thing for anybody who needs to put dinner on the table because the food is prepped at the store by customers or we deliver it to your home and you can keep it
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in the freezer until you need it. >> you can leave it in the frozer for how long? >> as long as you want to. >> and it's so easy even a person like me can cook it. >> and we have a 14-year-old and 11-year-old who can cook it today. >> so what are we cooking today? >> today we'll cook grilled sesame childrenen and mand -- chicken and mandarin salad. >> back to you, allison. >> that's perfect for us, with all of our lives. thank you, tucker. it looks like the heat and humidity is here and you might need to grab your umbrella today. tucker will look at the forecast. and holly is getting ready to celebrate. >> reporter: that is not an understatement when you talk about this party going on at the national zoo this weekend. this is where we are live.
11:25 am
it's the asian elephant celebrate. shanty is ready for a closeup. they have over 150,000 muscle tendons -- muscles and tendon this is their trunk. that's one of thethings you can learn when you bring your family out here. we'll learn about it later on fox 5 midday news. stay with us. you're just moving your fingers, aren't you? i gotta cut my nails. (announcer) now get three amazing fios services for the price of two. tv, internet, and phone for only... it all adds up to one incredible deal from fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v now to sign up. and get fios tv - ranked highest in overall customer satisfaction by j.d. power and associates america's top rated internet-- now even faster, and crystal clear phone service. all for just... it's like getting 3 services for the pce of 2.
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we're back now with a check of today's top stories for you. it could be about eight hours before a broken watr main in alexandria is back in service. virginia american water crews have been working along south reynold streets street near duke street this morning to repair the main. some 600 residents are dealing with little or no serve i. also affected, a 7/11 and a pizza restaurant and a hotel. thousands of prince george's county employees forked to take furloughs could wind up getting paid for the time offment a federal judge
11:29 am
has ruled the furloughs unconstitutional. nearly 6,000 workers had to take unpaid time off for ten days. that move saved the county $17 million, but this ruling means the county may have to pay employees for the time. the judge says the county violated a contract. several unions filed suit over the furloughs. police are investigating after the owner of a 24 hour pizza shop was found dead behind locked doors. the victim is sab hood brahma. his brother called police yesterday morning when he couldn't get inside. investigators are hoping the public will help determine how he died and who is responsible. a florida man wrongly arrested and jailed has filed a lawsuit against the kissimmee police department. >> he was arrested and suspect
11:30 am
of using crack but it turns out he was chewing role aids. >> reporter: one man was arrested at this intersection. >> was -- i was chewing mints. >> reporter: but a police officer thought it was crack. >> i thought he was nuts. >> reporter: may spent three months in jail while the lab tested substance and then they received a letter saying it was not drug. now he is pursuingar lawsuit. >> i sat in jail for over 3 months that the state said i didn't do. >> reporter: may said no one paid his rent, so he lost his place to live. cops seized his car, he lost it at auction. >> and i lost my ledgers, my
11:31 am
tools, parts of my daughter's car, i lost my daughter's car and my apartment and my clothes. >> reporter: they filed a federal civil suit. >> well they need to tighten up. >> keith landry reporting. a police spokeswoman said any lawsuit have to come from the city attorney but confirmed the police officer no longer works for the police department. >> what a crazy story. >> beautiful part of flo. >> that is outrageous. >> no more role aids or tick tacks in the car. >> exactly. it's humid outside, but not oppressive like yesterday. >> i say it's oppressive. you're always finding the right side in the forecast. >> well, i don't know. >> you're somebody who is
11:32 am
always up. >> pollie anna. i> that is gu r. an d ghrt,i right, summery. i .utmeman d and the tropic aliar ssmaal utirhead and that can cause a > allison wouldn't go d > utan'lti > and let's get to the forecast. right now we're doing fine. yesterday ma x ehd max hd radar looked similar. there wasn't a whole lot going on and things changed after about 1:00 or 2:00. so here in washington, we're doing fine. nothing going on. but out in west virginia, starting to see showers break out and some thunderstorm activity. and this is a tropical air mass overhead. the dew point temperatures are running in the upper 60s and low 70s. so it won't take much to fire up scattered showers and thunderstorms through the washington area later on today. so let's move on and take a look at the satellite radar. and again, the remnants of claudette, they're still in the neighborhood and combining with a cold front off to the north and west and that will kick off the showers and thunderstorms. not only today but the weather
11:33 am
pattern will be slow to break down. so we'll have some scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for the next couple of days. check out these temperatures. getting hot out there. 86 at reagan national. 84 in baltimore. 87 down at patuxent naval air station. so plenty of tropical humidity and plenty of tropical heat. afternoon high temperatures of about 90 or so. it will be very summery. let's move on to hurricane bill. that's been the big news story. and you can see it's exhibiting great symmetry at this hour. maximum winds continue at 135 miles per hour. i mentioned it passed over a buoy yesterday and it was swells at 75 feet. it looks like it will maintain its inte good news with bill, let's talk about the track and the last couple of days, it looks like the track will push the storm
11:34 am
in between bermuda and the eastern united states. that track will hold into the weekend. so it will push off to the north and west the next couple of days and then eventually north and then northeast and it will bring some very large swells to the eastern seaboard. from carolinas up into southern new england, we'll get very large waves into the weekend. so be ready for that. our forecast calling for more showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. scattered and plenty of clouds out there. mostly cloudy by mid to late afternoon. high temperature of about 90 degrees. winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour. tonight we'll do a repeat of last night. scattered showers and thunderstorms. fog close to the rivers and bay. winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour. here is your five-day forecast. and i mentioned the pattern will be slow to break down. so thursday, friday, saturday afternoon clouds with scattered showers and thunderstorms. if you want cooler and drying, i do, by sunday, 85, less
11:35 am
humidity and we'll get a nice frontal system compliments of canada. it will feel different than it does now. >> by sunday? >> by sunday. >> we can wait. thank you. and we probably saw this one coming. number four is back but in a new color. brett favre is winning minnesota viking purple. he is out of retirement again. he signed with the vikings and joined the team. he signed a two-year deal worth $12.5 million this season. >> that's a dreaded rival of his old team. >> he'll show them something. >> it's a big time party for some really big guests of honor and it's happening down at the zoo. >> they are gearing up for the asian elephant day celebration and celebrating in a big wa with a big birthday. holly will join us with the latest. that's next.
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the embassies of show lank you -- sri lanka and india are teaming up with the national zoo for a celebration. >> and holly is there to talk about it. >> reporter: first i want to show you, it's ladies day at the pool here. we have amicca and shanty getting a water spr. but it's hot out here. when you weigh 9,000 pounds, you have to cool off some way. i'm not in here alone. i'm standing in here with marie galloway who is the elephant keeper and she's treated us for a super behind the scenes day today. thank you. >> your welcome. >> reporter: we talk about it being hot out, how is it for them? >> elephants are adaptive, but heat is not their favorite thing. >> reporter: so they're complaining in their own way. i hear you. well we wanted to talk about what is going on on saturday,
11:40 am
because that's why we're here. and it's a super special celebration. someone is sneaking up on you right there. but it is celebrating asian elephants and what we have here at the national zoo. so tell me what will happen on saturday. >> saturday we'll have booths and things for people to come and see and put their hands on and experiment with. there will be dances from sri lanka and folks from india and thailand and we'll be doing dem opens at 10, 10:30, 1:00 and 2:00 both inside and outside and we'll begin with a bath. >> reporter: i'm glad you brought that up. we got to give shanty a bath this morning. talk about the interaction you have with all of the animals. >> it's important that we work with them and train them so they respond to our commands. this allows us to make sure they get good physical exercise, mental stimulation,
11:41 am
and very importantly, medical care. both routine medical care and the emergency treatment. so we need to have them respond well to us. >> reporter: and not only are you caring for the animals but you are scientists at work. and the information that you gain here, you use out there, in the wild. >> absolutely. the wild isn't really wild any more. they're really become larged managed populations. so what we lea here from the elephants that we can get our hands on and what the scientists learn from help us to prepare a plan to manage elephants in the wild. >> and not only is there a celebration on saturday, we also have a celebration of amicca sell brit -- celebrating her birthday but there is a update on the elephant trial. >> we're building a elephant trail for elephants. and that is designed once again on science, on what we've learned about elephants here at the zoo and what they've learned from elephants in the
11:42 am
wild. so the new exhibit is designed to house a group of elephants living together as a family. and it includes an exercise trail, so instead of walking around in circles here in the yard. >> reporter: shanty is getting frisky. >> we can take them through a enclosed trail and it's much more like taking a walk in the park. >> reporter: and significance of that is that will happen in 2011 is when that will open. and that means that amicca will have lived at the national zoo for 50 years. she came here in 1961. so life must be good here. we have a link to the national zoo website on the asian elephant celebration. back to you. he is living up to his tv character's reputation.
11:43 am
coming up, we're talking to tmz about eric zane's tv video hitting the web. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. [ sniffs ] an olive. [ sniffs ] green, with pimento. ooh. he's good. nothing gets past him. [ sniffs ] piece of cake. [ male announcer ] kill bugs on contact without the bad smell. raid ant & roach killer is specially formulated with no lingering chemical odor. what's that? [ sniffs ] i don't smell nothing. raid! raid! raid! raid ant & roach killer kills bugs dead! with no lingering odor. sc johnson. a family company.
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we are following breaking news concerning its death of a tv news pioneer. cbs news reports that don hewitt, the creator of eu6 -- 60 minutes has died. he began 60 minutes back in 1968 and it remains the longest running prime time program on television. again, don hewitt has died. >> 86 years old. i had an opportunity to interview him several years ago so i'm honored to have been able to do that. >> true pioneer. >> absolutely. we want to head over to studio b. because tucker has a special guest for him. and he's making things easy for all of us working folk out here. >> thank you very much. i'm joined by -- joined by
11:47 am
elizabeth markot. and this is my idea of great food because it's easy to prepare. tell me what we're talking about. >> if you came to our store you can come and purchase food and take it home and cook. >> so it's already prepared. >> you prepare it at our store and take it home. >> and this is a cool idea. this is actually the product that i would pick up at store, right? >> right. >> and i'll package it and i can freeze it until i'm ready to cook and this is what it looks like after it's been cooked up. >> that's right. and had a -- what we're going to do today, and we're going to show you there is in greed cents with no cutting or slicing and done at our store. >> and this is perfect for people working hard every day and don't have time to cook in the afternoon but i don't want to eat fast food every day.
11:48 am
>> and it allows you to go into the freezer and make a smart choice that affordable. >> and she's joining us with her children to show us how easy it is to do. >> julie is making the chicken and it has a lot of ingredients, including white wine and soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, oil and mustard. >> and you're going to cut out all of this for me, so when i come to your store, i'll be able to go to right to it. >> and you can leave out ingredients if there is something you don't like or if you like it spicy you can add garlic. >> and each month you ave a new menu. >> yes. every month we have new menus. >> and i can buy servings for
11:49 am
up to four people. >> you can get a standard portion of 4 and you can get a smaller portion. >> i eat a lot. i could have the meal for four. >> so they've taken the work out of the precipitation. >> and these two parate things would be bagged. and this is the mandarin orange salad. and you take it home. and you grill the chicken. >> so i just use a george forman grill. and are there instructions. >> the cooking instructions are on the label and it sells to grill the chicken and serve it by putting the orange salad on top of it and you can see it took them no time at all to put this together. >> and it's not only easy but healthy and that's the final product. >> and it's a great way to introduce children to things they may not be used to.
11:50 am
in this dish there is et imomy, and the average 11 and 13 years old don't know that. >> for more information go to and we'll let you know the locations in the area and there is lot of great food choices for someone like me or hard working moms and dads. and allison we'll toss it back to you. and we're doing buzz bin. yes. he's turning up the heat with a new video. >> and plus more details about the burial of the king of pop. we are joined from l.a. with these stories and more, dex, good morning. >> let's start off with eric dane. there is a video surfaced with he and his wife, rebecca gay heart and carrie ann penich, it's the three of them, walking
11:51 am
around the house filming each other, all nude. the girls get in the bathtub together. there is apparently drugs involved because at one point rebecca says, i'm so high i need to sit do you know. so the video has come out. their lawyers are swinging -- going after any website that post the video. we have not posted it, we just reported on it. but it's a pretty raunchy video. and the interesting thing is carey ann, she was rooming with mindy mccready the country and when mindy moved out, she took the hard drive with her off the girl's computer and now the video has come out. >> well you know mindy has had her own share of problems too. >> yeah. >> so this fits into the whole scene. >> yeah. but we haven't heard -- >> will this hurt anybody's career here? >> with eric dane, he's such a big star. but it might hurt his career,
11:52 am
like cary ann, the beauty queen, nobody knows er name so it might help her. and no one is leaving eric dane's house because there is big paparazzi out there. >> and we learn about the michael jackson doctor speaking. >> and we're finding out from michael jackson's family that they'll bury him in a mausoleum in l.a. he was such a public person and i don't think he would like this and he would want where people could come and see him and now he'll be locked up so i find it strange that family picked to pla him there and they picked on his birthday. it would have been his 51st birthday. >> and the doctor has come out with a video saying he was not
11:53 am
guilty of any wrongdoing. >> it was very well produced. there is edits in it and he looks very apologetic. i think he should have kept quiet. he talks about people writing him letters and sending him e- mails and thank you for the support. but i think it would have been better for him if he would have just stayed quiet, not done a well produced video. i guess his publicist told him to do it. but it's just not a good time at all. >> thank you. have a good day out there. >> thank you. >> we'll be talking about the michael jackson stuff as the week goes on. can you catch tmz here oon fox following the news edge at 6:00. we're back in a moment. n (employee 1) subject: urgent!! bob!!
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everybody loves a good deal and parents are especially on the lookout for bargains with back to school just right around the corner for a lot of people. >> this morning steve chenevey did some online research are the help of aol. >> if you're looking for deals, there are plenty out there. you're just in time. there is still plenty to be had. if you look at e bags.coming you can save on backpacks, 25% off. 25-40% on backpacks, janesport, high sierra are some. >> and that's one of the keys, because who doesn't need a backpack to go back to school. what we'll do folks is we'll run through some of the coupon codes and more so we'll tell you some of the websites. we'll link them together at the end so you can find what the codes are because some of them you will need a code to get through. this one you don't.
11:58 am
school supplies though, office depot. you found some good deals. >> i love office -- office depot. they have a 9-cent section. >> and they might make the codes easier to remember. but we'll tell you where you can find the information in one place. and if you're talking back to school shopping for some shoes, this is one of your favorite websites. >> it is. piper line. you can check out up to 70% off on boys and girls shoes. so through the school year, you can stock up. >> and maybe some alts can find some stuff on there while we're shopping for the kids too. and this one some good sales there. up to 70% off. >> school uniforms is also big. >> so many schools are doing school uniforms so if you need to grab a few items, children's place has 25% off. >> this one does have a coupon
11:59 am
code which you see at the bottom, fa79. >> and that's to save 79%. >> on top of the 25. and pottery barn, how can they help us out. >> they're known for personalized gifts. check them out for backpacks, lunch packs, luggage for kids going off to school in the fall, to college in the fall. so it is a great place to go for 25% off. >> and amazon, we hear so much about because they can get anything that you would want. and i like this special going on because i'm a music lover and this can help me out maybe if i want to dread the back to school but get something out of it as well. >> right. so if you love music, they're giving away $5 in mp3s if you buy $75 worth in text books which is easy to do these days. and that's $5 of mp3s is about an al bum. >> so music to go along with your studying. >> great deals.


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